My Animal Life: An Idiosyncratic, Observant and Wise Memoir by Maggie Gee

  • Vaibhav A. Dhamal Assistant Professor, School of Distance Education, Bharati Vidyapeeth (Deemed to be University) Pune-411 030 (India)
Keywords: death, family, human life, memoir, soul.


Maggie Gee OBE FRSL is a prolific and significant contemporary novelist. She is well-known as an original and versatile voice of modern / postmodern British literature. Her novels are critically well acclaimed and her literature has been compared with renowned authors like Vladimir Nabokov, Samuel Beckett and Virginia Woolf.  Maggie Gee’s importance as a modern novelist of present time is because of her stylistic innovations and her choice of issues / topics of novels. The political and social conditions of the contemporary time are realistically presented in her novels. She enjoys the language and writing in different forms, through which she wants to repay the mortgage.  She finds her life fascinating and beautiful but at the same time she is aware of its ending i.e. death.  So she wants to understand life and record her experiences for herself as well as for others.  Maggie Gee published her memoir, My Animal Life, in 2010.  By that time she was 62 years old and had plenty of life experience.  An author, who is quite observant, sensitive and grown in modern and postmodern world, had so much to tell us through her memoir.


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