Surfactant-Enhanced Activated Charcoal Regeneration

  • Utkarsha Chavan Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University, Lonere


Surface active agents (surfactants) can play a major role in regeneration of contaminated adsorbent. In the present case study, the regeneration and recovery of contaminated activated charcoal is studied in the presence of SLS(Sodium Lauryl Sulphate). In surfactant-enhanced carbon regeneration, a concentrated surfactant solution is passed over spent activated charcoal to desorbed the solutes. In this study, phenol is the organic solute. This study presents the evidence of transfer of adsorbed phenol to aqueous solution of surfactant. There has been very little study of surfactant adsorption on activated charcoal. This paper describes the equilibrium adsorptivity was investigated by examining UV  visible spectroscopic behavior in a system of  an aqueous  phase of  filtrate (surfactant and desorbed phenol).The phenomenon of adsorption at solid/liquid interface is of major importance in the process of regeneration of activated charcoal with the application of surfactant.

Author Biography

Utkarsha Chavan, Dr Babasaheb Ambedkar Technological University, Lonere
Petrochemical Engineering