Analysis of Role of Govt. and its agencies in providing satisfactory support to the Entrepreneurs at Thane MIDC

  • Kishor Nawale *Asst.Professor and Research Guide, Department of Commerce,A.B.M.S.Parishad’s Shri Shahu Mandir Mahavidyalaya, Laxmi Nagar,Parvati Paytha,Parvat Rammana,Pune-09,Maharahtra-411009
  • Hasitkumar Nagariya Research Scholar, Asst.Professor, The SIA College of Higher Education, P-88, MIDC, Phase-II,Sagarli,Near Dombivli Gymkhana,Dombivli East-421203
Keywords: Development, Entrepreneur, Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation, Regulation.


Entrepreneurship has gained greater importance and significance at both micro and macro level under the present changing economic scenario. Global economies in general and Indian economy in particular are poised for accelerated growth driven by entrepreneurship. There are plenty of scopes for entrepreneurship in many of the various sectors. Thane Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation plays very significant role in the Maharashtra’s Economic Development. It is one of the major and important Industrial zones that contribute a significant growth in the overall country’s economic development. Through this Article we will take an attempt to discuss and explain whether the Entrepreneurs at Thane Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation are satisfied with the support provided by the Government and its various agencies.


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