Role of Print Media in Development

  • G.Rama Sudha Research scholar Dept. of Communication and Journalism Sri Padmavathi Mahila Vishavavidyalam, Tirupati.
Keywords: Print Media, Development, Effective Communication, Socio Economic Development


       The development Communication has become an integral part of human life. Man has used some of  the tools for communication, in this way he fulfilling his socio economic needs, and established contacts with others belonging to different cultural and cultural backgrounds, cutting across geological boundaries. The printing press extended the straighten capability of communication. Print media is a good riches in effective communication. There are some aspects in print media related to the communication for   development. The Print media is closeness to literate people. They can be used to prepare a good communication for the development of society. This is a most benefit aspect for the various development programmes for various types of development communication implementation in development sector. The information plays a vital role for every development. So this study gives the information about the role of  print media for development. 


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