Environment and Its Protection in Saiva Siddhanta

  • Murugesan Arumugam Assistant Professor Centre for Comparative Religions and Civilizations Central University of Jammu Jammu and Kashmir, India
Keywords: Environment, Ecology, Saiva Siddhanta, Divine Grace, Gracious Love


Mahatma Gandhi rightly said that “Earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed.†As he said today the world is threatened by the global warming, climate changes and natural calamities which are the consequences of environmental degradation and depletion of natural resources by human beings. The ecological issues such as; air, water pollutions, soil contamination, deforestation etc., are human violence towards the environment and its protection. It is the greatest responsibility of human beings to realize our mistakes, react against ecological issues, maintain eco-friendliness, and express our love towards all living beings to have an ecologically sustainable society.


Saiva Siddhanta is one of the living religious traditions in India teaches about human beings attitude towards environment and its protection. It says that human beings are born with will and freedom of choice which can be used either positively or negatively. It is important for us to know that the will and freedom of human beings are not a license to destroy or pollute the environment, but it is to take care of the environment for the sake of our own survival. Human beings are supposed to live in harmony with nature but our uncontrolled greed and haste have led to the deterioration of the environment. This reality shows us that human beings have not fulfilled our mandate. All the living creatures and the environment are to be respected. As a highly evolved form of life, human beings have a great moral responsibility in their mutual dealings and relationships with the universe.


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