Political Problems of Mizoram and Sixth Schedule Issue: Renewal of Displaced Bru’s Demand for Autonomous District Council

  • A.P.K. Singh Principal, Government Mamit College, Mamit: Mizoram.
Keywords: Autonomous District Council, Constitutional Right, Ethnic Identity, need to review the Sixth Schedule, Sixth Schedule.


Since remote past, the present Mizoram has been inflicted by demands of political nature by several ethnic groups of people. Of late, among others, the problems of the Bru and the Hmar are worth mentioning. The demands of the Hmar in Mizoram, otherwise called as Manipur-based Hmar by the Mizo, has been over 30 years while that of the Bru started only since the late 1990s. Following the signing of the Mizoram Peace Accord in 1986, the Hmar spearheaded their movement demanding for a real autonomy to create Autonomous District Council for them in the north and north-eastern fringes of Mizoram State. On the other hand, the minority Bru, who had been trying to protect their identity and as influenced by the happenings in the surrounding region, prepared the ground and started a movement for separate administrative set up for them in the western belt of Mizoram but unable to achieve it. After a long sleep, however, in a dramatic move, the Bru leaders petitioned the Supreme Court in 2016 for Autonomous District Council status for them. This Paper is intended to analyse different aspects of political problems confronting the State in general and in particular the Bru along with suggestions too.


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