A Comparative Analysis of the Financial Performance of HDFC and ICICI Bank Ltd.,

  • S. Thanigaimani Assistant Professor in Commerce, Srimad Andavan Arts & Science College (Autonomous), Trichy-5.
Keywords: Credit availability rate, capital adequacy, earning ability, Economy growth


Banking institution in our country has been assigned a significant role in financing planned economic growth. In 1969 and 1980, 20 banks were nationalized with objectives of extending credit facilities to all segments of the economy and also mitigate seasonal imbalances in credit availability. By maintaining the level of credit Availability Rate (CAR) the HDFC and ICICI were able to go for lending the money and thus earn more interest and avoid borrowings from the other banks. At times of emergency the amount can be used to avoid losses. Reserves may be maintained at high levels and the bank can step in the new progress confidently. This article elucidate to comparative study on the financial performance of selected banks. This study assess the capital adequacy and to determine the earning ability of the selected banks.


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