An exploratory Study to assess the Awareness about Interpathy among the doctors in selected hospitals of Pune City

  • Sangeeta S. Bhujbal Lecturer College of Nursing B. J. Govt. Medical College & Sassoon General Hospital Pune.
Keywords: Interpathy, hospitals of Pune City


     The an descriptive exploratory  non experimental  study was conducted  in two hospitals Private and Public sector in Pune City to assess the awareness  of doctors about interpathy. The samples size was 60 and convenient random sampling method was used.  Analysis of data related to awareness of Doctors about interpathy was arbitrarily graded based on the calculated frequency percentage; the obtained scores were grouped into four categories i.e. very good, good, and average and below average. It was found that 45 % (27 )doctors had good awareness score about interpathy while only 8%(five) doctors  had below average score regarding awareness about interpathy. It was also found that 76% (24) samples agreed that   Interpathy would be a major contribution to health care in future.72% (43) samples said that there is a need to search for alternatives in some diseases, while 68% (32) doctors said  that there is  a need  of Interpathy in modern medicine. Association between the knowledge score and Gender was significant at 0.001 level of significance. Female’s awareness score was higher than the Male. No significant association was seen between awareness score and age.


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