A study on depression among PG students in Mysuru

  • Noor Mubasheer C.A Head and Associate Professor, Department of Social work, PG Studies and Research Centre, St Philomena’s College (Autonomous) Mysore- 570015
  • Shirley Cynthia Anthony MSW Student,PG Studies and Research Centre,St Philomena’s College (Autonomous) Mysore 570015
Keywords: Post Graduate students, Depression.


Depression among PG students is unnoticed mostly in today’s scenario. This research is carried out to check the pervasive of mental diseases among the PG students. This is a Descriptive research study that drew a random sample (N=384) Males (N=286). Females who were administered a student perception questionnaire on Depression among PG students, where 83.88% of the students are under depression and 16.11% of them are not, in which 41.10% have tried committing suicide and the other 58.89% have not tried to commit suicide. The aim of the study is to suggest some coping methods of depression among the PG students in Mysuru.


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