People’s cultural response to minimizing the impact of Flood on agricultural crops: A case study

  • Anup Hazarika Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology, North Gauhati College, College Nagar, Kamrup-781031, Assam.
Keywords: Flood, awareness, precautionary measures, agricultural crops.


Every year flood affects severely in the agricultural activities of Dhemaji Development Block. Due to lack of awareness or may be for other reasons, majority of the respondents were still not able to protect their crops from annual flood damage. Only few respondents have locally taken some precautionary measures towards protecting of their agricultural crops from the annual flood damaged. These measures are mainly experimental in nature learned over the years of living with the flood. In this backdrop, the present study aims to find out the preventive measures, their results which peoples have adopted to minimize the impact of flood on their agricultural crops.


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