Elastic Constant of Natural Fiber Reinforced Composites of Borassus Fleblifier at Different Temperature

  • Phadke S. Govt. Girls College Dhar M.P.*, Govt.P.G. College Sendhwa M.P. India
Keywords: Borassus Fleblifier, Elastic constant, natural fiber, Reinforced composite.


Present investigation is an attempt to develop a good quality natural fiber reinforced composite from different parts of Borassus flablifier. Ultrasonic velocity is related to some elastic constant. Ultrasonic interferometer has been employed for measurement of elasticity of different sample. Composite made up of stem material has higher values of elastic constant compared to other part of the tree. Stem composite has higher elastic properties while leaf composite has some lower values. Material may apply for the development of composites of the different strength using Borassus fleblifier fibers.


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