Feminist Discourses and the Study of Religion

  • Laxmi Saha Assistant Professor, Chanchal College, Chanchal, Malda, West Bengal
Keywords: Feminism, Religion, women right, Christianity, conventional religion


The main strategy of this paper is to analyze and examine with critical outlook about feminist discourse and the study of religion. Feminism is vibrant theory which voices in favor of women rights at par with male rights. Feminism in general goes against religious sanctions. Ironically, the impact of religion is colossal even to women. It reveals that majority of women are the pathfinders of religious matters. They assemble at large in Christian Church, religious temple. Thus nobody can deny the impact of religion in feminist discourse. This paper attempts to substantiate at length the role of religion, conventional or new, in feminism. Feminism does not bear any sense if it contradicts with religion. In fact true religion guides feminist discourse in proper manner.


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