An Analytical Study of Crop Loan Disbursement in Ahmednagar District with Special Reference to Lead Bank Credit Plan

  • Mohasin A Tamboli Assistant Professor, PIRENS IBMA,Loni
  • Nilesh Bankar Associate Professor, PIRENS IBMA,Loni
Keywords: Credit Plan, Agriculture, Crop Loan


Indian banking sector is an important constituent of the Indian financial system. The banking sector plays a vital role through promoting business in urban as well as in rural areas in recent years. It helps to develop economy of the country. Rural financial market development is a complex process and examined through various committees. Priority Sector Lending, Lead Bank Scheme, Service Area Approach etc. are some outcomes of the repeated scrutiny of the system. India is primarily an agriculture based country. Agriculture contributes nearly one fifth of the gross domestic product in India. Therefore, it is always said that rural development can‟t be completed without agricultural development. Hence, this researches paper emphasis an agriculture credit and credit plan prepared for priority sector lending.