Communication: The Old, The New, and The Unusual skills for Message Transfer

  • J.M. Moholkar
Keywords: Interaction, Encode, Decode, Intelligible Symbols, Channel, transmission, milestones


Communication plays a vital role in all that a living being does. The use of codes, symbols and technology is a blessing to human beings alone from the almighty. Over the years the generation of the nineteenth and the twentieth century have witnessed great advancements in the field of communication. The steady growth, which has annihilated distance and strengthened relation, proves that man has made a good use of the intelligence which differentiates him from other living beings who also can communicate. Wireless technology has put in the hands of all, a remote control, a mobile phone which are definite blessings. It is expected that the technology is not misused as human race progresses ahead.Communication is as old as the human race.It has the blessings of permanence. What keeps changing is the way messages are communicated. The ways change according to times and what is new today becomes old and outdated tomorrow.