Impact of Buddhism on Mysticism in Kashmir

  • Abdul Rashid Kaloo Ex-Principal Dept. of Higher education jammu and Kashmir.
Keywords: Buddhism, mysticism, Kashmir, shaivism, Sufism, transition.


Mysticism has been the core of Hinduism and Buddhism, it has been more than a minor strand and frequently a disturbing element in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Mr. Aurobindo Ghosh, the great scholar-mystic is of the opinion that the Vedas are replete with suggestions of secret doctrine and mystic philosophies. He looked upon the gods of the hymns as symbols of the psychological function. Surya signifies intelligence, Agni will and Soma feeling. The Vedas to him is as mystery religion corresponding to the Orphic and Eleusinian creeds of ancient Greece.

    Buddhism was the religion of the people of Kashmir from 3rd century when Kashmir was ruled by Ashoka. It lasted upto 8th century till the period of Avantiwarman. Shaivism sprouted from 8th century to 12th century in Kashmir. From  Avantivarman to Kota Rani, both the religions were equally revered by th e kings and the subjects. In the Saivism of Kashmir several doctors of Buddhism were incorporated also. The prominent scholars of Saivism was Abinav-gupta who had received his education from many Buddhist scholars.

Later on, during the Muslim rule in Kashmir (which started from 14th century); how Buddhism influenced the Muslim sufi-mystics is the forte of this paper.

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