‘Analytical Study of Regional Disparity in Higher Education among different States/Union Territories In India’

  • Sagar Santosh Kondekar School of Social Sciences S.R.T.M. University, Sub-Centre Latur-413531 (Maharashtra)
Keywords: Higher Education, Regional Disparity, Equality, Access, Gross Enrolment Ratio.


After the independence, higher education system in India has grown remarkably. It is among the one of the largest system of its kind in the world. However, it has many issues at present in the context of regional disparity specifically equality and access to higher education. India as a country consists of twenty nine states and seven union territories (UT’s) with different socio-economic, demographic and other conditions.  After, more than 60 years of the independence, it is very appropriate to study and understand the status of higher education among the different States/UTs in India. This paper is an attempt in this direction to study and review regional disparity through the equality and access issue of higher education among the different States/UTs in India. There are two hypotheses for the present study. First hypothesis is, H01: There is no significant difference in the enrolment of male and female in higher education among different States/UTs in India (H01:01=02). And other hypothesis is, H02: There is no significant difference in the gross enrolment ratio (GER) of socially underprivileged (SC and ST) and GER of total population between age group 18-23 years among different States/UTs in India. This macro level study is analytical in nature and attempt to explore the significant difference of equality and access issues of higher education among the different States/UTs in India.


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