Quest for World Peace: Role of Prophet Muhammad (SAAS)

  • Mohd Ashraf Malik Doctoral Candidate, Shah-i-Hamadan Institute of Islamic Studies University of Kashmir, Srinagar, 19006 E. mail:
Keywords: Peace, Insecurity, Prophet Muhammad, Taqwa, Tazkiyah, Al-Ism, Al-Udwan


The world we live in has everything to offer but peace. The world’s super powers like United States of America, England, France,  Russia, Germany, etc. whom the rest of the nations covet in terms of progress and development are themselves the victims of severe crimes ranging from theft to rape to murder. Every country is suffering from crimes in one form or the other.  While Western and European countries suffer from calamities like sexual anarchy, drug abuse, broken marital relationships, the Asian countries are torn-apart by terrorism and civil wars. United Nations Organization (UNO) created after the horrendous World War II, despite its well crafted principles has failed in its mission to sustain peace globally. The race for armaments among nations, misuse of nuclear weapons, miscarriage of justice, ruthless use of military force, and exploitation of natural resources by powerful countries is all happening amidst the presence of United Nation’s Security Council and the International Court of Justice.  The quest for enduring peace both at local and international level thus is the cry of the world community. To usher an era of peace, humanity has to seek for the harmony at grass-root levels. The peace at individual level may be reflected at societal and finally at the global level. In this regard the role of one of the greatest benefactors of humanity-Prophet Muhammad stands distinct and supreme. The Prophet (SAAS) inaugurated peace at all the levels of the society and amply exemplified that through his own conduct. In this paper I will be attempting to ascertain the role of Prophet Muhammad (SAAS) in re-instating the lost peace amidst humanity. Some glaring examples from the life of the Prophet may be cited that will help in addressing the grave challenges of insecurity.


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