The Philippines-U.S. Strategic Relations: An Enduring Partnership?

  • Ngaibiakching . Centre for Indo-Pacific studies,SIS,JNU
Keywords: United States, China, Philippines, Security Relationship, Strategic, Duterte


The Philippines and the U.S. united by historical ties, long associations and mutual interest regards their relationship as “special relationship”. The security relationship has been evolving through different phases and stages. Towards the end of Obama administration, the Philippines-U.S. relationship nearly hit a dead end. However, in the current scenario with the “evolving Philippines-China relations” and the blossoming of “bromance” between Philippines President Duterte and the U.S. president Trump it seems   Duterte’s diplomacy has risen to the occasion. This article seeks to examine the background of the security relationship between the Philippines and the United States. It will throw light on the current trends of the Philippines-US strategic relation and examine its implications and sustainability.


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