Neoliberalism and its impact on women labour force in Russia

  • Zakali Ayemi PhD, Research Scholar, Centre for Russian and Central Asian Studies, School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, Delhi, India
Keywords: Neoliberalism, women, labour force, gender, market, inequality, market economy, glass-ceiling


Women in Russia are ascertained equality through its constitution and legal guarantees. However, despite provisions of equality in the law, there exists wide gender disparity in the labour market in practice. The embarking to a free market economy brought about tremendous transformation in the labour market, it presented an opportunity for socio-economic mobility of women. However, the supporters of neoliberalism welcomed liberalisation of the market “in to to” without considering the Soviet’s history. In the process of transition, the place of female labour is further relegated. The earlier experience of equality and protection is weakened while capitalist characteristics have come to the fore. This paper explores the situation of women labour force in the event of Russia’s transition to neoliberalism by analysing labour reforms as well as using Rosstat data to make the argument of gender segregation in the occupation and branches of the Russian labour market system.

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