Entrepreneurship Development through Self Help Groups (with special reference to Gokhalenagar Area)

  • Arun S. Mokashi T.J.College, Khadki
Keywords: Self Help Groups, Entrepreneurs, Gokhalenager, Pune


Women self-help group means a group of local women framed with homogenous objectives savings or gather for the social purpose of self-promotion. Various objectives can be found behind the formation.

It is a significant study, how SHG activities changing the economic and social life of the members

Objectives: 1.   To study who entrepreneurship is increasing with SHGs.

  1. To provide a module for entrepreneurship development
  2. To Give probable suggestions for better working of entrepreneurship development


This study is restricted to the SHG in Gokhalenagar only. It has a wide scope. wherever SHGs are working the study is relevant.

Research methodology:

Data collection is done by two types of research

Secondary data-Secondary data collected from standard books on SHG.

Primary data- Primary data is collected through direct personal interview and with the help of structured questionnaire filled by 20 members.


Going through the difficulties the major difficulty the member is facing is to market their product and to insufficient training of business. If the two major difficulties can be solved, the development of members is possible.


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