Strategic SWOT Analysis of SHGS (With Reference To SHGS Of Gokhalenagar

  • Arun S. Mokashi T.J.College, Khadki


SHGs is the activity which is implemented in near about sixty countries. In India, there are lakhs of SHGs which are improving economic and social status of poor people. SHGs have promoted small and micro entrepreneurship in rural as well as urban area. SHGs help to earn within the small investment with the help of their group. It is the tool of microfinance against the poverty.  OBJECTIVES: To know how strategies can help SHGs to solve their problems.     RESEARCH METHODOLOGY: A primary data is collected through preparing questionnaire for members. Data is collected, classified, tabulated, analyzed and presented. Secondary data is collected from the standard books on SHGs management. CONCLUSIONS: SHGs are the emerging activity in India through which Economic and social change is possible. It is the present scenario that where the government is not reaching SHGs are actively working. It is the infra for government by which NABARD, Government & NGOs can help to the economically & socially deprived factor i.e. women. Women who were afraid by the name of the bank, they are confidently handling all the banking transaction without any help before SHGs membership only 56 members have their account with the bank that after membership, 100% members have their account with Bank. With strategies applied by the organization, can sustain the movement which is beautifully growing and making members able to arrange social functions, banking the money, creating  small entrepreneur who is employer also which is the main objective of SHGs. To make women financially and socially strong to fight against poverty. 

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