Medical Pluralism: A Case Study Of Pathariya Jat Village, Sagar.

  • Upasana Dwivedi Research Scholar, Department of Anthropology, Dr. Harisingh Gour University, Sagar, M.P. 470003
Keywords: Medical pluralism, alternative, supernatural agent.


Medical pluralism is often used to diagnose and cure. Various medical systems are combined to real settings at the level of community several healing practices are combined shamanistic treatments, herbal methods, Household therapies, etc. In a society having non western treatments, but of great tradition, like Ayurveda and unani, their combination exists with folk medicine. Impact of western medicine does not mean, just because it is leading edge of modernisation having a wider spread and intensity, that all non western medical system are relegated to back seat. What actually occurs is that different system and ways to treatment are combined, and this is all done to achieve effective treatments as the only goal of patient is to get cure. The present study examines the illness beliefs among the Pathariya villagers and the ailments locally considered to be caused by natural or supernatural agents. This study shows that Pathariya villagers combine different medical system to get cure or combination of shifting from one healing system to another is used to compensate for the failure of treatment and not as a real alternative.

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