Characterization of Praval Bhasma by Using Modern Analytical Techniques

  • Sonali Dhamal Department of Basic Science and Humanities, College of Engineering, Bharati Vidyapeeth (Deemed to be) University, Pune-411043
  • M.P. Wadekar Department of Chemistry, Yashwantrao Mohite College,
Keywords: Praval bhasma, Calcium carbonate, XRD, EDAX.


The calcium based marine products are formed by biological calcification processes. These processes are of wide occurrence in nature. They occur in microorganism, in plants, in the animal kingdom and in human. The results of bio-mineralization can be seen in the formation of bones, teeth, shell materials, counch, coral, pearls etc. Bio-mineralization; a vital process in which a sequence of events takes place where by living organisms produce minerals which crystallize and add together to form hard species. The products of such bio-mineralization are called as bio-mineralizates. All bio-mineralizates are invariably associated with organic components in the form of matrices. However, all bio-mineralizates have some common features. The five calcium based marine products under present study are bio-mineralizates and therefore are composed of two major components calcium carbonate as the principal and inorganic component and the other organic component whose exact nature and role are the subjects of interests of many research scientists from different disciplines. The reinvestigations will be mainly based on the role of bio-mineralization in exploring their chemical and biomedical aspects. Praval bhasma is a traditional Ayurvedic medicinal preparation. This biomedicine is synthesized through calcination cycles as mentioned in the classical Ayurvedic text. Physicochemical characterization of Praval powder and four commercial samples of Praval bhasmas were carried out using EDAX, SEM, IR, UV, XRD and TG analysis. The study showed that the calcite form of calcium carbonate is observed in Praval powder and four commercial samples of Praval bhasmas obtained from some representative ayurvedic pharmacies.

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