Factors Affecting Adolescent Adjustment and Scholastic Performance

  • Neha Sathe Research Scholar at Social Science Centre, Bharati Vidyapeeth, Pune
Keywords: Adolescent Adjustment, Scholastic Performance, Self Esteem, Family Environment, School Social Work


This paper is based on the literature survey was conducted to identify all related studies on adjustment, scholastic performance and other factors affecting both. The purpose of this review was to understand determinants of adjustment, assess the risk factors of adolescent phase like maladjustment. Through this search area and need of School social work intervention is explored in suicide prevention and drop out. As methods, settings and intervention sought under each study differs synthesis was done normatively. Studies conducted in India and abroad by multi-disciplinary practitioners have been included in this review. From this review the research gaps were identified and further study in the field is proposed by the researcher. Adjustment during the adolescence and its impact on academic achievement is widely researched by practitioners. However the risk factors and protective factors during the adolescent phase and school based intervention in form of family life education, school counselling is not research widely. There is a gap which can be filled to gain knowledge and understanding about exact status of adjustment and related factors which affect the scholastic performance and overall wellbeing of the adolescent students.

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