Core responsibilities of government, local communities, state tourism authority for various drawbacks and lacks in facilities development, protection and conservation of Sun Temple at Konark.

  • Santosh Kumar Dwivedi Research Scholar, Utkal University, Odisha
  • Mohammad Sabir Hussain Senior Faculty, I. I. T. T. M. Bhubaneswar
Keywords: Local communities, Beautification, Multi-sectoral, Amenities, OTDC.


There are many of the responsibilities played by the government, local communities and state tourism authorities to provide better facilities and services. In the path of tourism development many plan and policy have introduced, it was second five year plan (1956) tourism has been emerged as an economic term in India. After that Government of India introduced National Tourism Policy in 1982, which gave a six point plan for Tourism development of Swagat (Welcome), Suchana (Information), Suvidha (Facilitation), Suraksha (Safety), Sahyog (Cooperation) and Samrachana (Infrastructure). Multi-sectoral activity of the tourism industry affected many other sectors of the national economy. State governments has to, therefore, ensure intergovernmental linkages and co-ordination. Local communities’ participation is very importance to sustain the tourism industry. The roles local communities could take in tourism development, and in various policies making. There is also need little emphasis has given to local communities about themselves feel about the tourism. Local communities want to be involved when tourism policies are being made to enable policymakers to prepare a policy that meets stakeholders’ needs and addresses their concerns. State tourism department of Odisha playing a vital role in enhancement of tourism facilities and service at major destination of the state. Odisha Tourism Development Corporation (OTDC) is performing under the government of Odisha which is incorporated in 1979. OTDC facilitating some of the tourist bungalows and transport fleets in its commercial product line. Tourism department of Odisha provide the wifi facility at Sun Temple Konark and conduct every year Konark Dance festival to promote the Sun Temple Konark as tourism destination. In this article our main aim to find out the core responsible actors which is responsible for the drawbacks and lacks in tourism development among government, local community and state tourism authority on basis of consequences like infrastructure development, people participation in tourism, destruction of natural beauty, problems in maintaining law & order, beautification of surrounding area, tourist utility, amenities and facilities.  


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