MOOCS: Future and Changing Trends With Reference To India

  • Ranjan Singh Sr. Scale Librarian Govt. MAM College Jammu.180006
Keywords: E-learning, online learning, open learning, MOOC, SWAYAM.


With the advancement of ICT (information communication technology), a new term emerged in the already crowded e-learning landscape: Massive Open Online Course (MOOC). MOOCs have been emerged as a popular medium of learning, the education learning has been changed from early classroom method to ICT based learning/teaching methods i.e. MOOCs (Massive Online Open Course). There is a lot of development in Massive Open Online Course (MOOC), and enrollment of students has been increased tremendously in these courses. While seeing the tremendous growth in the enrollment, India has initiated various projects for offering MOOC courses. Currently, IITBX, mooKIT, NPTEL and SWAYAM are the platforms used in India for offering courses. Aim of this paper is to give brief idea about MOOCs and its future and current trends in respect of India.


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