Investment Behavior towards Different Financial Products

  • Anand Kumar Shrivastava Assistant Professor, Amity Business School, AUMP, Gwalior
Keywords: Risk, Investment Behavior.


The objective of the research is to study the investment behavior of government employees towards different financial products available in the market so here 50 government employees were chosen as respondents in the research. We all know there are various investment products available in the market such as bank deposit, mutual funds, stock market etc so in my research I have studied that what are the preferences for the different investment avenues by the government employees ,what are the most desirable investment products, how much amount of income they invest in financial products, what are the factors affect them to take investment decision, what are the sources from where they get information about investment , how frequently they invest in different investment avenues so after taking the response of 50 peoples. It found that most of the peoples are still investing into tradition investment avenues like bank deposits, post office etc because either they are unaware of other financial products or they don’t want to take enough risk in their investment that’s why they are not much satisfactory with their current investment.

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