The Hiccups of a Startup and Unfolding Money Laundering Dimensions

  • C. Sivakumar Ph.D. Research Scholar, Department of Banking Technology, Pondicherry University, Puducherry - 605014.
  • S. Sudalai Muthu Professor, Department of Banking Technology, Pondicherry University, Puducherry - 605014.
Keywords: Chicken, Eggs, Antibiotics, ill -gotten money, District Industries Authorities, Money Laundering, Modern Caging method, Growth promoters, Antibiotics resistivity, Antibiotic resistant bacteria(ABR), Adulteration


          This paper discusses a case study revealing the experience as a Start-up entrepreneur. It’s about producing Country Chicken and Eggs and explains why Country chicken was chosen as the first choice of product by an emerging entrepreneur .The various problems associated with its rearing style in modern times is highlighted. Also this paper explains how the modern method of chicken production accompanies health hazards inviting irreparable loss to the human community.

             The Influence of ill-gotten money in the trade practices or how it gets generated by using poultry as the platform is revealed. The practiced methods result in either chicken meat as one of the products unfit for human consumption or how the sub-standard practices gains the position of de facto standard among the rearing community over the period of several batches of Bird’s life cycles in a seamless manner.

           The outcome of the project was taken to the Knowledge of the District Collector, Tiruvannamalai in order to create more ethical entrepreneurs and employment opportunities in this sector.


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