Study of Dependence of Angle of Repose, Frictional Forces Acting on Pulses of Different Species of Family Fabaceae on Sliding Time.

  • Gauri Umesh Patil Assistant Professor in Physics, C.K.Thakur A.C.S College, Panvel, Maharashtra
Keywords: Frictional force, Angle of repose, sliding time, Genus, Species,Fabaceae


Frictional force and Angle of repose are some of significant property which has to be well-thought-out in packing process of pulses. In this paper, attempt is made to find relationship between angle of repose, frictional force and sliding time for different genus, species of Pulses of Family Fabaceae. It is noted that frictional forces do vary distinctly within same Genus whereas angle of repose do not vary within same Genus of Fabaceae.


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