High Range Colonization Scheme: A Critical Analysis

  • Vimal kumar C.L Assistant Professor Dept of History, K.N.M.Govt Arts & Science College, Kanjiramkulam
Keywords: Kuthakapattam, Annas, Prathidwani,, Pattayam, Blocks, encroachments, Pilot colony.


            Land has numerous utilizations however its accessibility is constrained. Amid the early broad nourishment deficiencies happened all through Travancore. Thus, the government opened forestlands on a crisis reason for sustenance development and in 1941 conceded select development rights known as 'Kuthakapattam' (cultivation on a short-term lease) in state timberland territories. Not long after freedom, India chose to re-sort out state limits on an etymological premise. The State reorganization period carried with Tamil-Malayali fight for control of the High Ranges. The Government of Travancore-Cochin started settlement programs in the High Range zones with a specific end goal to change the territorial semantic adjust. Pattom settlement, which was supported by Pattom Thanupillai service, as a piece of High Range colonization scheme. The aggregate settlement objective never came to. In spite of the plan's deficiency, dissemination of settlement pieces ceased in 1956.

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