An Analysis of Urban Flooding Scenario in the City of Kolkata, West Bengal

  • Soumita Banerjee Researcher, Faculty Council of Science (Geography), Jadavpur University
Keywords: Urban Flood, Rainfall in Kolkata, Water logging.


Of all the disasters that occur in the world, floods are most common among them. Out of several other types of flood, urban flood (flood in urban area) is increasing day by day with the various effects of climate change which includes increasing rate of rainfall and alteration of temperature also. The scenario of this disaster also aggravated by the rate of human intervention that is urbanisation, concretisation of spaces and deforestation. Being the seventh most populous city (2014) in India Kolkata is of no exception. On the top of that, cursed with a particular pattern of city shape Kolkata is always prone to flooding. This city has a major history of urban flood, the last one being experienced was in 2016. This paper aims to analyse the factors responsible for the incident with special reference to rainfall pattern and suggest some suitable measures to adopt.

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