Interstate Migrational Inflows by Rural-Urban Nature of Place of Residence in Himachal Pradesh: 1991-2001

  • Archana Sharma Post Graduate Govt College, Sector 11, Chandigarh
Keywords: In-migration, Rural-to-Rural, Rural-to-Urban, Urban-to-Urban, Urban-to-Rural


A study of various streams of migration is as important as studying the migration in general. Migrational flows as classified by rural or urban nature of place of residence have been discussed in this research paper. These flows have been analyzed by taking into account various streams of migration namely: Rural-to-Rural, Rural-to-Urban, Urban-to-Urban, Urban-to-Rural. Census is the most important source of data on migration in India. Census data for census years 1991 and 2001 have been analysed to underline the patterns of interstate migration streams in Himachal Pradesh. This analysis is based on data on place of last residence. An analysis of all the four streams of in-migration brings out very interesting facts about patterns of migration in Himachal Pradesh. As far as place of last residence is concerned, friction of distance and neighbourhood effect could be seen in all the four streams of migration. Substantial proportion of migrants was reported from neighbouring states Punjab and Haryana. These two states were the states of origin of largest number of migrants in all the four streams of migration. Migrants were reported in considerable proportion from Uttar Pradesh as well; but proportion was not as high s from neighbouring states, and proportion was all the more low in case of female migrants.

Author Biography

Archana Sharma, Post Graduate Govt College, Sector 11, Chandigarh
Resource PersonDeptt of Geography

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