The Mural Heritage of Kerala: A Peep In To the Murals of Thodikkalam Siva Temple

  • Nimisha P Nijesh Research scholar
Keywords: Mural painting, Thodikkalam, Technique of exposition, preservation.


During the earlier period, itself Kerala had maintained a unique history of art of painting; Kerala was considered as the store house of hundreds of extant Murals, which holds second place in the largest collection of archaeologically important Mural paintings. In Kerala Murals are developed as a traditional art form during the period between 15th and 19th centuries. Though in the 16th and 17th centuries we can see a rapid progress in the field of painting. In the 18th century a sudden depression can be seen. This art form made prosperous and extensive with the help of various factors and this art developed mainly in peaceful atmosphere under eminent rulers who loved various arts. The impact of Bhakti movement seen behind the progress of this art much extend. After the 19th century this art completely disappeared. For the revival of this art form in the second half of the 20th century Guruvayur and Aranmula Devaswam opened Mural study centres. Now a day’s Mural paintings were taught by students who have deep interest in it. The present study mainly focussed on The Siva temple at Thodikkalam is famous for its own Mural paintings. The good models of Kerala Mural paintings found in sixteenth and sixteenth centuries are exhibited here.


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