Challenges of Msmes: With Special Reference to Handlom Industry

  • Sharanbasappa Linganna Asst. Professor and HOD Government First Grade College, Kamalapur
Keywords: Economy, Employment, Handloom, Problems and MSMEs.


Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), including khadi and village/rural enterprises are credited with generating the highest rates of employment growth and account for a major share of industrial production and exports. The handloom industry is one of the major units of MEMEs sector.   This industry is the oldest and the most widely spread rural industry in India. This industry plays significant role in growth and development of economy of our country. Handloom industries not only create employment opportunities and proper utilisation of raw materials but also contribute in the national income and removal of regional imbalances. These industries are not only producing goods but also supplying ancillary goods to large industries. The sector is playing a prominent role in ensuring the inclusive growth and regional balance. Besides, the sector is facing brunt in the form of competition from power loom and mill sector, opened opportunities due to improved technology, collaborations government intervention.

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