Maggie Gee’s The White Family: A Protest Against Racism

  • R.S. Zirange
  • Vaibhav A. Dhamal Assistant Professor, School of Distance Education, Bharati Vidyapeeth (Deemed to be University) Pune-411 030 (India)
Keywords: protest, literature, racism, white, black


When a moment of crisis emerges in the society, on any kind of injustice, difference or wrong, it is a responsibility of authors that they should protest against anything which is ‘wrong’. An author is a representative of the society, who must look at the ‘question’ with balanced view. The society too looks at authors with positive expectation.  People expect that the authors will not bend before the system or religion; rather they will ask legitimate questions to the system and government. There are very few authors who express their protest or take stand. Who dares to speak out the truth, are aware that they will have to pay the price for it, if the occasion arises. However they are the, perhaps, only author's whose names are carved on the pages of history. Protest against any kind of injustice is an expression of disapproval. To protest is a natural phenomenon of any living animal. The animals also protest in their natural manner to show their disagreement. Civilized human beings are in much more advanced state, so they protest in various manners for their natural justice. All forms of literature have always served in much effective way to present various notions of protest. In Literature protesting through writings is very effective weapon used against all kinds of injustice.


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