Black is Beautiful :The Perception of Blackness in Toni Morrison’s Novels

  • manali saxena research scholar
  • Dr.Savita Srivastava
  • Dr.Savita Srivastava, 2636680
Keywords: Blackness, violence, beauty


 Toni Morrison, a prolific Afro American writer, has written about the miserable condition of the black people since19th century. Morrison has given her voice to the black people through her literary works. Morrison has explored the experience and roles of blacks in a racist and dominated white society. The beginning of the blackness is not a humanistic development.  The blackness has discovered recurring appearance in Afro-American literary discourse, and it is this blackness that is encouraged and appreciated by contemporary Afro-American writers. Morrison’s first novel The Bluest Eye published in 1970. It is her first achievement in the field of African American Literature. In it, Morrison tells a story of a young child Pecola Breedlove who manages to survive in spite of the cruel and humiliating treatment of her family and society. The book examines the experience of a young black girl as she copes with the idea of beauty and the reality of violence within the black community. The main purpose in the novel is the domination of blacks by the existing standard of beauty; the blue eyes blonde hair and white is a standard that is found at the very core of the western civilization.The story of the novel deals with the two black families. Claudia, the narrator of the novel, tells the story of her family and the Breedlove Cholly his wife Pauline and their two children Pecola and Sammy.The plot culminates in Cholly's rape of his daughter, but its theme deals with the rejection of self. The American society teaches that beauty makes people loveable.


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