Linkage between Religious extremism, Terrorism and ISIS : A case Study of South Asia

  • Sabita Harichandan Associate Professor in Pol. Sc. And Deputy Director, RDE, BBSR, Govt. of Odisha
Keywords: Religious extremism, religious fundamentalism, terrorism, counter narrative, State actions



ISIS is still a threat despite its attrition and coalition successes in Syria and Iraq. It has proven resilient. Admittedly, it has expanded its footprints in South Asia albeit not vigorously. This is itself an wake up call to the policy makers of South Asian countries. Complacency may lead to disastrous consequences. It is an exploiter of the situation characterized by growth of religious extremism, fundamentalism, widening of socio-political faultlines prevailing in South Asia. Given the context, factors and issues creating fertile ground for the emboldening of  ISIS need to be addressed.


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