Efficacy of Prishniparni Churna Vati on Garbhini Shotha between 24 To 34 Weeks of Pregnancy

  • Nutan Gadge 3rd Year, P.G. Scholar, Guide : Dr Khairnar Narendra. Dept of Prasuti Tantra Avum Streeroga, Bharati Ayurved college, Pune,Maharastra- 411043
Keywords: Garbhopdrava,Garbhini shotha,Garbhasampeedan,Prishniparni churna vati.


              The term ‘’Garbhopdrava’’ is one of the complication in pregnancy, first explained by Aacharya Harita. Shotha, is one of the Garbhaopdrav explained. Shofa (shotha) i.e. pedal oedema is seen during pregnancy as pressure symptom (Garbhasmpeedan explained by Charaka.). Pressure oedema is observed generally after 28 weeks of pregnancy.                                                                                                           Prishniparni (Uraria picta) is mentioned in Shothahara Gana, it is madhura, tikta rasatmak, ushna veerya, kaphashamak and vatashamak, which helps in reducing Oedema.Results-Out of 30 patients, after treatment in 93.33 % patients, it was observed that swelling (shotha )subsided by Prushniparni churna vati. Conclusion-Prushnaparni churna vati had some effect on oedema during pregnancy due to its Madhura, Tikta rasa and Ushana Veerya. Aggravated physiological oedema during pregnancy doesn’t appear to be completely relieved with this drug but only partial reduction is observed.