Post Disaster Coverage of Cyclone Ockhi In a Leading Tamil-language Newspaper

  • T. Shylaja Assistant Professor & Head Department of Visual Communication The American College (Autonomous), Madurai 625 002, Tamil Nadu
Keywords: Cyclone Ockhi, Post disaster coverage, Tamil-language newspaper


The present research is related to the assessment of the post disaster coverage of cyclone Ockhi in a leading Tamil-language newspaper and so exploration on the post disaster coverage, estimation of the distribution of the post disaster coverage and evaluation of the contributory parameters to the post disaster coverage of cyclone Ockhi related information was independently carried out. The exploration on the coverage of post disaster related news revealed that there was 10.6% of coverage as an average on daily basis in the news paper. It also revealed that 25.2% of the news was well supported by suitable illustrations. The estimation of the distribution of coverage revealed that the post disaster related news was inappropriately distributed in news items, special articles, editorials and other integral components of newspaper. It also revealed that the placement of 20% of post disaster related information was in front pages and the remaining 80% was in middle and last pages so as to have better prominence to the readers. The evaluation of contributory factors to coverage revealed that loss of materials, loss of fishermen, search of fishermen, agitation and delay in provision of compensation mainly contributed to the overall coverage in the news items of the newspaper. It also revealed that  the suggestions, advices, do’s and dont’s, need for improvement in disaster management, need for speed up the process of reconstruction and need for enhancement in compensation mainly contributed to the overall coverage in the special articles and editorials of the newspaper. It could be concluded that the balanced prominence between components of impacts and components of reconstruction would be mandatory for the effective execution of the responsibility of media in post disaster coverage.


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