Holistic Development of Downtrodden Students

  • Sailakshmi Chavan Associate Professor of English
Keywords: Proliferation of the Downtrodden, Diversification of Teachers’ Activities, Integrated Interactive Techniques, Interaction Patterns.


The world that has turned into a global village because of drastic changes in technology with the help of web and borders that once stood between cultures, now serves as bridges for the enjoyment of diversity among people of different races and ethnicities. At the forefront of this change is English, which stands as the global medium of communication. Human interaction may bring about a lot in terms of economics and trade, but adopting English as the medium of instruction in schools and colleges poses several dangers to the culture of non-native English speakers. Apart from inefficiency and stunted cognition, non-native English speaking students are at risk, specially the students who are downtrodden and may belong to Schedule Castes and Schedule Tribes.


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