A study of Kantakari Maricha Leha on Kaphaja Kasa in Children of Age Group 1 to 5 Years.

  • Shital Sawant P.G. Scholar Dept. of Kaumarabhrutya, B.V.D.U. College of Ayurved,Pune
  • J.A. Nandgaonkar Former Professor and HOD of Kaumaryabhrutya,B.V.D.U.College of Ayurved,Pune
  • Rahul H Gujarathi Professor and HOD. of Kaumaryabhrutya, B.V.D.U. College of Ayurved,Pune


Kasa is the debilitating disorder of Pranavaha srotas, when untreated, it may lead to dredful diseases like Shwasa, Kshaya etc. Moreover the pathophysiology of Kasa almost exactly correlates the mechanism of cough reflex. As per modern science cough is a symptom but in Ayurveda Kasa (cough) is a separate vyadhi seen commonly in children. It is the 5th common symptom and most irritating in children. Kaphaja Kasa is undertaken for study because kapha is predominant in balyawastha and most of the Kaphaja vyadhi’s are seen in balyavastha.