Enhancing reading habits among the Indian Management Institutional learners: a case study of MES IMCC,Pune

  • Meenal Kedar Oak Librarian (Selection Grade) & Coordinator IGNOU Study Centre -16142 MES's Institute of Management & Career Courses(IMCC), Pune
Keywords: Reading, Reading Habit, Management Institution, Library, India


Higher education particularly Management education, is closely associated with the business world. Today in the business world, learning has become a continuous approach and is also influenced by the new economy, evolving technology, the Internet, as well as the global marketplace. For any type of learning, a learner needs to develop a reading and self-study attitude through effective reading of the informative resource.

 The present paper has discussed the role played by the a Librarian & Faculty members in developing the reading skills among the students of a Management Institutions in association with the faculty members in a Management Institute in India. The efforts has been taken to develop the reading skills among the students which will of a great benefit to them throughout the life and which will help them in building up their career and the overall personality.


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