The Divinity and Humanitiy of Jesus Christ in the Writings of Vengal Chakkarai

  • Murugesan Arumugam Assistant Professor Centre for Comparative Religions and Civilizations Central University of Jammu Jammu and Kashmir, India
Keywords: Gospel, Divinity, Humanity and Christ.


Chakkarai was one of the pioneers of the Trade Union Movement in India. Chakkarai was very much influenced by Mahatma Gandhi. In 1917 he joined the Home rule movement and in 1920 Gandhi’s Non-Cooperation Campaign. He contested successfully in the Corporation in 1926. He was a councilor of the Madras Corporation and he was the Mayor for one term. He became the member of Legislative council in 1954. Chakkarai was a Christian socialist too. Chakkarai worked as a teacher, lawyer, theologian, politician and socialist. He actively involved in these all areas and he succeeded. Chakkarai died in June 1957 when he was 78 years old. He made  a remarkable contribution on the person of Jesus Christ in the Indian context. Chakkarai bases his understanding of humanity and earthly life of Jesus Christ on the synoptic gospels and divinity of Jesus on the fourth gospel. From the synoptic gospels, one could understand who Jesus was while he was on the earth. Chakkarai says, ‘in all these incidents, which we read in the synoptic gospels that we behold Jesus, and his affinities with us, mortal men, all real, his hunger and thirst, his exhaustion and sleep, his love and joy, his tenderness and anger are all imprinted on our imagination.’ Thus, Chakkarai was more influenced by the synoptic gospels and the humanity of Jesus Christ is more relevant to the context of poor, needy, oppressed, exploited and discrimitaed people of India. In other words, though Jesus Christ is for all but he is on the side of poor and needy.


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