Media Coverage of Impacts of Vardha Cyclone in Tamil Nadu

  • T. Shylaja Assistant Professor & Head Department of Visual Communication The American College (Autonomous), Madurai 625 002, Tamil Nadu
Keywords: Vardah Cyclone – Media coverage – Distribution – Contributory parameters


The present research is related to media coverage of impacts of cyclone Vardah in Tamil Nadu and so the exploration on the coverage, estimation of the distribution of coverage and evaluation of the contributory parameters to the coverage of Vardah related news and illustrations in a leading newspaper was independently carried out. The exploration on the coverage revealed that the Vardah related news was 19.4% as an average on daily basis in the newspaper. It also revealed that 24.4% of news was well supported by suitable illustrations during the stipulated period. The estimation of distribution of coverage revealed that the Vardah related news was inappropriately distributed in news items, special articles, editorials and other components of newspaper. It also revealed that the coverage had inappropriate distribution from warnings to rescue activities. The evaluation of contributory parameters to the coverage revealed that the warning and field coverage parameters had the minimum and maximum contribution respectively to the overall coverage. It also revealed that there were news items with unequal contribution due to partial adherence of code of ethics of reporting of disasters.  Although there was rational and reasonable coverage, it could be concluded that responsible coverage of natural disaster in adherence with code of ethics would be mandatory so as to provide unbiased information to common public on natural disasters.


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