Access of Electronic Resources in Degree College Libraries in Jammu

  • Ranjan Singh Sr. Scale Librarian Govt. MAM College Jammu.180006
Keywords: E- resources, College, Information Communication Technology, Undergraduate students, Internet


This paper investigates the use of e-resources by students and teachers of the college, in order to ascertain the level of use of e-resource accessed with available infrastructure. In today scenarios the electronic resources is growing in vast and play a very significant role in imparting the education to students. These e-resources are available in the form of e-journals, e-books, online database, Digital library consortium (i.e. NLIST, NDL) etc. Electronic resources are replacing the importance of print media slowly with the advancement of ICT. A study was conducted of 05 degree colleges in Jammu, which have students and teachers strength in aggregate of over 16000. For the purpose of the study, a sample selected was 210 which included 35 undergraduate students and 07 teachers from each of the colleges, respectively. The objective of this study was to know the usage of e-resources and services available online in the college libraries by the users in Jammu. And also to find out the problems being face by the user  while accessing these e-resources and suggest  measures to take full benefit of available e-resources and proper implementation of  ICT to make college libraries more resourceful for providing the e-resources to users. The data collected was analyzed by using simple technique of percentage.


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