Cloud Computing – Way Towards Transformation

  • Ved Pal Singh Banarsidas Chandiwala Institute of professional studies, Dwarka, New Delhi- 110075
Keywords: Cloud Computing, Software, Security, Education, Digital, Class room


Under “digital India” programme many digital campaigns are initiated by the government transforming lives and empowering the society in many diversified ways. Digital India is the result of many technological developments and innovations aiming at, remodelling the economy and creating a knowledgeable and digitally empowered society. In view of this, the education sector has seen dramatic changes, the education sector have been increasingly driven and dominated by internet and technology, challenging the Guru- Shishya system of class room based teaching. The traditional education system is inadequate to meet the challenges of the modern day requirements, where things are dynamic and evolving. Thus, there is a need to transform the education system which can acclimatize to the changes of the modern world. Turbulences in the education sector has been brought by the  emergence of cloud computing technology, which took the universal education system by  storm, reshaping and recreating the processes related to, teaching, administration and learning. This paper deliberate on the concept of “cloud computing”, a promising application which is giving new dimensions to our education system. The work also discuses about its architecture the major role this technology playing in revamping the education sector and its pros and cons. Cloud computing has gained popularity due to its potential to facilitate information access, storage and transfer.

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