Use of mhealth mhealth for enabling Neurodiverse and Autistic Workforce for Entrepreneurial Orientation and Creativity Capability

  • Broto Rauth Bhardwaj BVIMR, ND
  • Praveen Khullar
  • Suman Shokeen


The aim of this research is to study the role of mhealth on neurodiversity and autism and their creative ability. It also includes the study of how mhealth influences the entrepreneurial orientation leading to skilling of autistic workforce. Review of literature reveals that at present, no research has found a correlation between the Autism and Entrepreneurial Orientation. The research will focus on the gap of characteristics of autistic persons which can make the neurodiverse workforce more creative. The research will also study the motivational and societal factors which restricts neurodiverse workforce from entering mainstream employment in Indian Context.  The research is intended to measure characteristics of neurodiverse workforce especially autistic persons, which influence entrepreneurial orientation (EO) for better employability. Two case studies of autistic persons will be developed based on the issues pertaining to learning abilities. The research has several policy, managerial implications and future research in this domain.  This research will contribute in the country’s initiative of “Inclusive India” launched in June, 2017.