Analysis of Waste Chill Recovery (WCR) Heat Exchanger System for Performance Enhancement of an Ice Making Plant

  • akbar ali


The Waste chill recovery (WCR) heat exchanger is used as an energy-saving technology from decades. Recovering waste chill can lead us to improve overall efficiency and lower the energy cost of the system.  In this paper, WCR heat exchanger system has been proposed.  This type of heat exchanger can provide an alternate to the problem of increased consumption of electricity, if purged out cold water is reused rather than to drain off.  Residual chilled water, which is normally drained can be used to pre-cool fresh makeup water before sending in the ice maker’s refrigeration system where it turn to ice. The study presented here can be used to evaluate the cost-effectiveness with the use of WCR heat exchanger. This study also describes the working principles, thermodynamic calculations and its outcomes. Specific procedures and equations are provided for estimating annual energy savings have been discussed for an ice making plant as well as financial aspects post installation of WCR.  A detailed comparison on the basis of the evaluation procedures for energy saving using WCR system is presented at the end.