Effect of certain medicinal plants against Alternaria blight of rapeseed- mustard under organic farming system in Manipur

Keywords: , In vitro, antifungal, plant extracts, eco – friendly, medicinal plants, Alternaria blight.


The antifungal activity  of aqueous extracts of locally available medicinal plants have been tested  in vitro condition against Alternaria  brassicae, the causal agent of Alternaria blight.  Evaluation of plant extracts against mycelial  growth of the pathogen at different concentrations viz., 5%, 10% and 15 % using poison food technique showed higher percentage of inhibition in Azadirachta indica, Michelia champaca, Adhatoda vasica and Eryngium foetidum at 15% concentration. Among them Azadirachta indica showed the highest percentage of inhibition  (55.80% )over control. The remaining plants produced less inhibitory effect thereby Zingiber officinale  manifested the lowest inhibition (24.20%).  In field trial for two consecutive rabi seasons ( 2014 & 2015)   Azadirachta indica resulted the highest percentage of disease control . 

Author Biography

Yengkhom Premlata Devi, Manipur University, Canchipur-985003, Imphal , India.
Department of Life Sciences

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