Information Seeking Behavior of Library Users of Management College Libraries in Bangalore City: A Study

  • Raju Naik S. Research Scholar, Department of Library & Information Science, Dravidian University, Kuppam
  • Ramesh R. Naik Professor and Research Guide Dept. of Library and Information Science Karnatak University, Dharwad.
Keywords: Information seeking, Information usage of Management Institute Library, Bangalore


This paper focus on the information seeking behavior of the students, Research scholars and faculty members of management institutes in Bangalore city Karnataka,  Author used the survey method to conduct the study and used the questionnaire  for collecting the data. In response 100 users form different categories were responded. The data were analyzed using statistical techniques for different parameters of the study i.e. category of user, gender, institute, satisfaction of user etc. This study denotes that approximately 48% of the user are satisfied with library resources and services and 36% user are daily visiting the library for their study and research purpose. It also find out that 44% users  seek their information from books and 22% from reference books and 22% from online resources. This study  shows that to maximize the usage of resources of library users training is highly recommended.  


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